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Irish dancing can benefit kids in more ways than one. If you have a little boy or girl who is interested in dancing, you might want to sign them up for Irish dancing lessons. The best way to find these lessons is to look in your local phone book to see if there is a school in the area that has these types of lessons available. You want to make sure that the school you’re choosing is specific to Irish dancing or at least has a teacher who is experienced in Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland is a land of music, so it’s no wonder that it has a dance style all its own. Centuries of jigs and reels have helped to produce the art of Irish step dancing, which has spread in popularity in recent years.

Children take up this challenging and lively form of dance from a very young age. A majority of participants are girls, who wear beautiful custom-embroidered dresses once they have attained a certain level of proficiency. They also wear wigs complete with bouncy curls. The boys who decide to tackle this form of self-expression do not have quite as Read the rest of this entry »

The Enduring Tradition of Irish Dance
The culture of Ireland is rich in traditions and folk music and linked to rhythmic sounds and dance movement. Children learn reels early. Many move on to Irish Steppe Dance. Irish dance evokes a sense of continuity of folklore passed from one generation to the next. Irish culture promotes a deep love of country, music and the arts. The sound of tambla drums throbbing and a banjo and fiddle, lure the Irish to their feet.Want more? Click